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A small but recognizable people with Arab origins have over time settled in the India.Many who arrived in Gujarat were later recruited to the army. Most Gujarati Arabs were traders, and business men who sold or traded silk, diamonds and other valuables resulting in wealthy business men. The city of Surat and villages within the city are notorious for Arab settlements. Variav and Randev are the few villages that Arabs started their lives in. In Eastern Uttar Pradesh, Iraqis arrived in 15th and 16th century from Sindh, Pakistan. These people claim ancestry from Arab tribe of Bani Tamim.In Hyderabad, Chaush are Arab community of Hadhrami descent whose ancestors were recruited as soldier by Nizam of Hyderabad. In Kerala, Syed Thangals of Hadhrami descent settled around 17th century as missionaries to propagate Islam. There are also Shia Sayyids in Northern region of country who claim descent from Wasit, Iraq like Zaidis. Sunni Sayyid of the country also claim Arab descent from Sufi missionaries but it is hard to say that every Sufi really belonged to Arab. Most of the Sufis migrated from Persia. Sunni Sayyid also include converts from higher Hindu castes like Brahmin and Kshatriya. Sunni Sheikhs also claim Arab descent from Sufis or migrants but it remains hoax. They don't know their tribe but trace lineage from Umar, Abu Bakr and Uthman, the Rashidun Caliphate. Many of present Sheikhs converted from Hindu castes such as Kayasth and Rajput.

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World ignoring risk of Sudan genocide - UN expert

RNZ 25 May 2024
She said many civilians were targeted based on their ethnicity in Sudan's besieged city of El Fasher, where fierce fighting has intensified in recent days. More than 700 deaths have been reported in 10 days by a medical charity in the city ... The UN says about 15,000 people are feared to have been killed in the West Darfur city of El Geneina last year....

Arab League, Egypt welcome UN court's ruling on Israeli attacks on Rafah

Bahrain News 25 May 2024
CAIRO, May 24 (Xinhua) -- The Arab League and Egypt welcomed on Friday the order ......

Xinhua Middle East news summary at 2200 GMT, May 24

Bahrain News 25 May 2024
CAIRO -- The Arab League and Egypt welcomed on Friday the order handed down by the ......

Eid Al Adha 2024: Likely first day revealed by Egyptian Astronomy Institute

Khaleejtimes 25 May 2024
Friday, June 7, will likely be the beginning of the month of Dhu Al Hijjah for the current Hijri year 1445, according to the Egyptian Astronomy Institute ... Dr Rabeh also pointed out that the new crescent will be visible after sunset in the skies of several Arab and Islamic capitals and cities for periods ranging from 1 to 28 minutes ... ALSO READ ... ....

Charged mob brutally beats man, vandalises house over alleged blasphemy

The News International 25 May 2024
A police officer is giving order to his subordinates in Sargodha on May 24, 2024 ... SARGODHA ... Today's incident comes three months after a lady officer of Punjab Police, on February 25, rescued a woman surrounded by a charged mob in the city's Ichhra Bazaar on suspicion of blasphemy after she was seen wearing a printed shirt bearing Arabic script ... ....

Is Cairo still the hub for Arab singers seeking fame?

Daily News Egypt 24 May 2024
However, other Arab cities have emerged as appealing destinations for singers across the region, including some of Egypt’s artists ... Despite the emergence of other cities in the Arab world that attract artists, these places often draw inspiration from Egypt’s rich musical heritage and artistic experiences....

The UAE issues an update regarding driving license fees

Al Wast 24 May 2024
Approximately 3.8 million Indian citizens reside in the United Arab Emirates, accounting for 38% of the total population of this Gulf nation. Indian nationals must always have a valid driver's license on them when operating a car in Dubai and other cities, just like all other foreign nationals and UAE citizens....

Popular Committee of Lod Arabs marchs in the city to mark 3 years since 2021 riots

Israel National News 24 May 2024
Popular Committee of Lod Arabs marchs in the city to mark 3 years since 2021 riots .......

Salem City Council to consider Gaza ceasefire resolution Tuesday

Keizer Times 24 May 2024
Often Salem leaders like to point out that the city of Salem, the name, Salem, derives from Hebrew and Arabic, meaning peace,” said Clifford Eiffler-Rodriguez, a citizen who gave public testimony on May 13 ... against Jewish, Muslim, or Palestinian residents of the City of Salem.”....

The 30 best attractions in Dubai that you just have to visit

Time Out Dubai 24 May 2024
The city has an abundance of incredible places to visit, whether you’re here on holiday or just searching for somewhere to visit on the weekend ... A must-see while visiting the city ... Dubai’s Burj Al Arab Jumeirah is one of the most iconic buildings in the Middle East, if not the world, making it a must-see attraction in the city....

Turkish central bank says to maintain tight monetary policy amid high inflation

Xinhua 24 May 2024
"As per the latest data for April, inflation stood at 69.8 percent, and we anticipate it reaching around 75 percent in May due to base effects," he said while speaking at the Arab Banking Summit in Türkiye's largest city Istanbul. Organized by the Union of Arab Banks, the two-day ......

In a 1st in Saudi Arabia, Abha International Airport becomes ‘silent’ airport

The Siasat Daily 24 May 2024
In a statement, Engineer Ahmed bin Moeed Al-Qahtani, Director General of Abha International Airport, said that this practice has been implemented in numerous international airports, including Changi, Zurich, Dubai, Amsterdam, and London City. As per a report by Arabic daily Okaz, ......

Israeli airstrike on building in Gaza City leaves many casualties

Anadolu Agency 24 May 2024
Several Palestinians were killed and wounded late Thursday following an Israeli airstrike targeting a residential building in Gaza City ... Casualties from the airstrike were taken to the Al-Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza City, a medical source informed Anadolu. The exact number of casualties and the extent of their injuries remain unknown ... ....

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