Arabs in India

A small but recognizable people with Arab origins have over time settled in the India.Many who arrived in Gujarat were later recruited to the army. Most Gujarati Arabs were traders, and business men who sold or traded silk, diamonds and other valuables resulting in wealthy business men. The city of Surat and villages within the city are notorious for Arab settlements. Variav and Randev are the few villages that Arabs started their lives in. In Eastern Uttar Pradesh, Iraqis arrived in 15th and 16th century from Sindh, Pakistan. These people claim ancestry from Arab tribe of Bani Tamim.In Hyderabad, Chaush are Arab community of Hadhrami descent whose ancestors were recruited as soldier by Nizam of Hyderabad. In Kerala, Syed Thangals of Hadhrami descent settled around 17th century as missionaries to propagate Islam. There are also Shia Sayyids in Northern region of country who claim descent from Wasit, Iraq like Zaidis. Sunni Sayyid of the country also claim Arab descent from Sufi missionaries but it is hard to say that every Sufi really belonged to Arab. Most of the Sufis migrated from Persia. Sunni Sayyid also include converts from higher Hindu castes like Brahmin and Kshatriya. Sunni Sheikhs also claim Arab descent from Sufis or migrants but it remains hoax. They don't know their tribe but trace lineage from Umar, Abu Bakr and Uthman, the Rashidun Caliphate. Many of present Sheikhs converted from Hindu castes such as Kayasth and Rajput.

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Minneapolis authorities condemned for imposing curfew at start of Ramadan

The New Arab 14 Apr 2021
The city's authorities, who imposed a curfew ... Washington DC, The New Arab - Authorities in the US city of Minneapolis imposed an evening curfew extending to several counties late Monday, following demonstrations sparked by the police shooting of an unarmed young Black man....

Five Arrested in Eastern Yerushalayim Riots on First Night of Ramadan

Hamodia 14 Apr 2021
According to the police, Arabs returned from their nightly prayers and congregated near the Old City’s Sha’ar Shechem (Damascus Gate) ... The Old City, and Har HaBayis ......

How Israel is trying to derail Palestinian elections

The New Arab 14 Apr 2021
... the city, as it did over the years through its expansion of settlements, detention of Palestinians and demolition of Palestinian homes, all intended to erase the Arab, Palestinian, and Islamic character of the city," Fatah Central Committee member Rawhi Fattouh told The New Arab....

Sudan: Conflict – Flash Update #14 West Darfur As of 13 April 2021 [EN/AR]

Reliefweb 14 Apr 2021
A delegation led by the Chair of the Sovereign Council arrived in Ag Geneina and met with Massalit and Arab tribal leaders. Power back in some parts of the town but the city water network is down ... The delegation met with leaders of the Massalit and Arab tribes ... Power has been restored in some parts of the town, but city water remains cut off ... ....

Independence Day: Looking back at our history to prepare for the future

The Jerusalem Post 14 Apr 2021
He was the grandfather of former Knesset speaker Avraham Burg, whose mother, Rivka, was one of the few people who survived the massacre, as did her one-year-old nephew, Shlomo Slonim, whose Arabic-speaking father, Eliezer Dan Slonim, was a member of the Hebron city council and a director of the Anglo Palestine Bank, which evolved into Bank Leumi....

Around the County - Arab eyes borrowing money

Advertiser-Gleam 14 Apr 2021
The Arab City Council is considering borrowing $19.76 million in the form of a bond issue to do various projects in that city. Bob Young of the Frazer-Lanier Company spoke to the council about it, saying that he talked to ... ....

Jordan slams Israeli violations at Al-Aqsa complex

Anadolu Agency 14 Apr 2021
Israel occupied East Jerusalem, where Al-Aqsa is located, during the 1967 Arab-Israeli War. It annexed the entire city in 1980 in a move never recognized by the international community....

Bay Ridge’s Fifth Avenue aglow in Ramadan lights

Metro USA 14 Apr 2021
“We have the largest Arabic-speaking population in New York City,” said Amanda Zenteno, executive director of the Bay Ridge Fifth Avenue Business Improvement District, who coordinated the Ramadan lighting ... “You see a lot of holiday lights across New York City for Christmas,” Zenteno said....

Palestinians worry Fatah will postpone elections using eastern Jerusalem issue as pretext

Cleveland Jewish News 14 Apr 2021
Jerusalem is the jewel in the crown and the queen of the Arab Palestinian cities ... “In light of the pivotal status [of Jerusalem], the Arab Palestinian city of peace, [holding] the election there is more than crucial, for [Jerusalem] is an authentic part—[perhaps] even the most fundamental part—of the Palestinian national principles....

Transforming Tajikistan: Between a Soviet past and a Tajik future

Al Jazeera 14 Apr 2021
Largely unheard between these two competing narratives, however, are the voices of the city’s youth ... The growing number of highrises with glass facades invokes comparisons with China’s fast-growing cities and with Dubai, a point of pride for the Tajik-speaking residents of the city who often see the United Arab Emirates as the model for development....

Darfur's return to war would spell disaster for Sudan

CNN 14 Apr 2021
(CNN)At least 125 people were brutally killed this month, according to the Western Darfur State Doctors Committee, when Arab and Masalit tribesmen fought running street battles in the Sudanese city of El Geneina ... Norwegian Refugee Council Secretary General Jan Egeland ... Darfur was home to mass slaughter at the time ... Read More. Sudan Fast Facts ... ....

AL Huntsville AL Zone Forecast

The Argus Press 14 Apr 2021
Including the city of Huntsville ... Including the city of Florence ... Including the cities of Muscle Shoals, Sheffield, and Tuscumbia ... Including the cities of Russellville and Red Bay ... Including the cities of Moulton and Town Creek ... Including the city of Athens ... Including the city of Decatur ... Including the cities of Albertville, Boaz, Guntersville, and Arab....

TİKA Supports Gum Arabic Manufacturers in Sudan

Reliefweb 13 Apr 2021
... states of Sudan by TİKA in collaboration with the Sudan Gum Arabic Council, were delivered to the representatives from manufacturing associations at the “First Gum Arabic Forum” organized in the city of El-Obeid in the state of North Kordofan on April 7, 2021....